Pasture-Raised Holiday Turkey
Pasture-Raised Holiday Turkey
Pasture-Raised Holiday Turkey
Pasture-Raised Holiday Turkey

Pasture-Raised Holiday Turkey

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Our turkey comes from our partner ranch in Red Bluff, Northern California.

Our turkeys are EXACTLY what you think an organic or free-range turkey should be. Raised on pasture, raised organically, never fed GMOs, and Air Chilled.

Delivery Note: Any orders placed after Nov 16th are not guaranteed to arrive by Thanksgiving. Please email for any delivery questions.


Wait - I thought organic isn’t that great?

Although there are challenges with organic certifications, we do raise these birds under organic standards. And, what organic does well is keep funky (ok, a better adjective is scary) chemicals out of your food - things like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.

Our turkeys are raised organic but not certified because of the limited processing options in CA - we are happy to talk about the ins and outs of organic certification with you, just reach out!

No GMO feed

When was the last time you thought about what your turkey ate?

If your answer is “never,” you’re just like most everyone else. But here at Perennial Pastures, we think deeply about all of the parts of our food production system.

Because we raise our turkeys under organic standards, they are never fed GMOs -With our turkey, you are eating the most eco-friendly turkey possible.

Air Chilled

Conventional turkey throws hundreds of birds into large vats of chilled water during processing to bring the carcass temperature down. Without digging into details, that chill tank is like the public pool you swam in as a kid - nuff said, eh?

  • Air chilling is the best way of chilling a turkey - each bird is given an individual spot in a giant refrigerator. 
  • Air chilling is safer than a chill tank, increases the flavor of the turkey, and makes the crispiest skin ever - the triple threat.


The last date to order by is November 10th, 2023. NOTE: We just extended this date to Nov 16th. 

Our crew will be fulfilling orders up until Nov 17th so we can guarantee delivery to you prior to Thanksgiving.

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