Let’s talk regenerative ranching…using regenerative processes restores the health of the entire ecosystem. It promotes biodiversity, soil health, water conservation, and climate resilience. 

We work with Regenified, which is an outcome-based regenerative land verification and product certification. They have certified Perennial Pastures at the highest tier of regenerative practices, meaning, we are among the very best in land stewardship.

Our animals enjoy a natural lifestyle, which directly influences our harvest and product availability. If your desired item is currently out of stock, just hit the 'Notify Me When Available' button. You'll get an email as soon as it's back in stock!

With the rising demand for our products, we're continuously tracking inventory and restocking items. If something's out of stock, it's usually back within a few days, so do keep an eye out!

Yes, we currently use ShopPay which allows you to get some cow shares on a payment plan for as low as 0% interest.

Our logo says Humanely Raised. “Humanely Raised” - here are some of the details of that process: 

We provide food, water, shelter/protection against elements (more for Montana & Texas where animals can get very hot or cold and need shade and shelter.)

Low-Stress Management Techniques:

  • We employ Temple Grandin’s and Bud Willaim’s low stress management practices during transportation and slaughter of animals, which reduces cortisol and allow us to move cows from pasture to pasture with ease
  • Animals are moving at their own pace; we do not want them running or to be fearful
  • No abuse/physical means to move the animals.
  • There should be no noise such as whistling, yelling, or whip cracking.
  • Vocalization standard as indicator of stress. (An animal making noise if stressed.)

We accomplish all this by applying very light pressure on the edge of the collective flight zone of the herd to induce the animals to move into a loose bunch.

Handler simulates a “predator” in nature slowly and calmly groups the herd and funnels it to a location.

Humane stunning methods - Bolt to their head, stunning the animal, not killing it (so the animal is brain dead). The animal is killed once they bleed it out. Animal is rendered senseless before killing so the animal doesn’t carry stress when bleeding out.

Primarily Angus. We have a composite breeding program at our San Diego Ranch where we are working towards a cross between Angus, Corriente & Mashona with the goal of creating the optimal breed that’s resilient in Southern California climate, with a great yield for meat.

Our Montana and West Texas ranches are all Angus breeds.

Montana and West Texas both have summer growing grasses whereas San Diego has winter growing grasses.

Thus, having the herd in different locations with different grass seasons helps us be able to harvest throughout the year and limit supply shortages more.

One of the biggest challenges we have is the time it takes to build a sizable herd as well as develop the cows for harvesting. So diversifying our herd locations helps minimize that impact on the business.

Both partner ranches have maintained cattle that are 100% grass-fed, finished and pasture-raised. Rancher Kevin is working with the ranch managers/owners of the partner ranches to move towards more regenerative management practices.

Our cows are hormone + steroid free.

Our San Diego herd is completely vaccine free.

We are transitioning our other partner ranches to move in the direction of being 100% vaccine free.

Both our San Diego herd and our partner ranches are mRNA vaccine free though.

Frozen meat preserves the freshness of the meat and allows it to will you a long time.

This also enables us to provide the highest quality meat in a more affordable and cost effective way while helping us maintain inventory for a longer period of time.

Weekly or bi-weekly slaughter would require a “fresh” program and increase our operational cost. Eventually we hope to have a USDA complaint facility on site that will allow us to do this.

No, freezing does not impact the nutritional density of the beef

Some of the other beef providers at the markets provide fresh meat because they buy products from other ranchers every week. We are producing our own meat, so it is more cost effective to produce and freeze to maintain supply.

We do not grade our beef. Grading helps differentiate commodity beef that is very homogeneous. Grading grass fed/finished beef on the scale designed for conventional grain fed or finished beef would be like grading oranges on a scale for determining the quality of an apple.

Ultimately, grass fed/finish brands do not grade because the beef would not “grade” as choice or prime due to the leaner beef and lack of “marbling”

That being said our beef is exceptional without needing heavy marbling and bring a variety of nutritional benefits.

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