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Our bulk beef ensures you and your family are always stocked with high-quality, nutrient-dense meat of diverse varieties. By purchasing our beef in bulk we do all the hard work for you. Our expert butcher makes sure you receive the best selection direct to your doorstep! Eat well knowing you're supporting local farmers and happier, pasture-raised cows, and contributing to a healthier planet.

Trusted by families, chefs, athletes, and people that love great tasting food...

"I only want the best for my family. That's why I only use Perennial Pastures when cooking animal protein."

Bethany Hamilton

Professional Surfer & Mother of Four

"Four years ago I switched to an animal based diet and Perennial Pastures has been a GAME CHANGER for my health and family."



"I only use Perennial Pastures for my clients because it provides the highest nutritional benefits and tastes incredible!"

Rafael Monfort

Private Chef

The most nourishing meat for you and your family.

Your family’s health is what matters the most, give them the highest nutrient dense and most delicious meat. Feel confident about the food you’re eating and where it comes from. The flavor of eating an ethically raised, farm-to-table animal is so good that you will never go back.

Can eating meat actually be good for the planet?

Let’s talk regenerative ranching…using regenerative processes restores the health of the entire ecosystem. It promotes biodiversity, soil health, water conservation, and climate resilience

We work with Regenified, which is an outcome-based regenerative land verification and product certification. They have certified Perennial Pastures at the highest tier of regenerative practices, meaning, we are among the very best in land stewardship.

families love perennial pastures


The Perennial Pastures team was fantastic. This was my first-time ordering a half cow. I was little intimated & had a lot of questions. But, the PP Team answered all my questions, made the purchase & delivery simple & easy. Brian was the team member that did the actual delivery & he was friendly & especially kind to my 9 year old son that was curious about the meats. Brian answered all his questions. Very cool.

Gregg S.

Best beef ever!

I have ordered meat from a lot of online vendors, such as butcher box, force of nature etc, but this is hands down the tastiest beef I’ve ever had! I love getting cuts of meat that I’ve never heard of before, learning about it, and finding new recipes to try.

Sam L.

Delicious Meat

We've already cooked 2 roasts and ribs from our half a cow order. Everything has tasted delicious! We are experimenting with different ways of cooking and seasoning. Very happy with the order and the delivery. Matt kept in touch and coordinated the meet up in AZ. Grateful for all involved in the raising, butchering and delivery of grass fed/grass finished beef! We appreciate regenerative farming!! Keep up the good work!!

Kathy S.

Never going back - SO GOOD!

This ground beef is the best tasting meat ever experienced with powerful health benefits noticed. There isn’t a taste difference from the liver and heart like I thought there would be. This is the only ground beef my family and I will consume now and I love knowing it came from happy cows on a regenerative focused ranch. So many thanks for creating such an amazing product that I’m proud to support!!

Jennifer A.

Perennial Pastures Regenerative Mission

By practicing regenerative ranching as well as partnering with other regenerative farms, we are bringing life back to the soil.

At Perennial Pastures we are doing our part to revitalize the grasslands of America.  We’re on this journey, join us and play a crucial part in bringing more harmony to our ecosystems. By buying our meat, you’re directly supporting our mission stewarding our land in a natural and sustainable way. To “regenerate” is to heal, and we’re certified obsessed with making the soil better. Eat farm to table while making the farm better! By taking a regenerative approach to ranching, we prioritize the soil! We bring life back to the soil through our regenerative practices which means the meat you consume actually benefits your health and the earth’s!

Highlights from the ranch...


How our meats compare:

Regenerative Grazing

We mimic nature with our grazing and move cows frequently from paddock to paddock, so we don’t over graze or over rest certain areas of the ranch. We try to graze at the highest densities possible for the shortest amount of time possible and allow for recoveries up to a year long.

Grain Free

Cows did not evolve to live on grain. Grain requires a completely different set of enzymes for digestion and a completely different digestive process to unlock the nutrients contained inside the grain.

Chemical Free

We don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on our pastures. Both pesticides and herbicides have been shown to kill soil life.

Tillage Free

We do not till any of our land to plant crops or have improved pastures. Tillage destroys soil structure and oxidizes organic matter.

Individually Graded Beef

We work closely with our processors to individually select only the highest quality beef from the best animals. We are also working on our breeding program, introducing breeds like the Corriente and Mashona to create a custom animal that finishes well on grass and is adapted to the mediterranean climate.

Animal Welfare

We practice "Bud Williams" style low stress livestock handling techniques on the ranch. We don’t use cattle prods and we minimize yelling and quick movements which stress cows out.

The best company with the best meat

The best meat and the highest quality source. I'm so lucky to have found Perennial, they're game changers! It's how ranching should be done!

Austin F.

I feel so great when I eat this food!

I always feel my health go to the next level when I eat real meats from Perennial Pastures, thanks for doing things right! Nutrient packed food that is good for the ecosystem is a win for everyone!

Brandon A.


Makes it EASY to eat healthy. Easy to be sure my family is eating healthy Easy to order Hard to ever think about ever going back to store bought, grain fed, gmo fed, hormone fed, antibiotic fed, beef.

Rosie P.

Such a great company!

We are so impressed with the way this company is caring for the animals and the land. They are settling a great example for everyone in ranching.

April M.

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Little Italy | 8am - 2pm

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Poway | 8am - 1pm

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Let’s talk regenerative ranching…using regenerative processes restores the health of the entire ecosystem. It promotes biodiversity, soil health, water conservation, and climate resilience. 

We work with Regenified, which is an outcome-based regenerative land verification and product certification. They have certified Perennial Pastures at the highest tier of regenerative practices, meaning, we are among the very best in land stewardship.

Our animals enjoy a natural lifestyle, which directly influences our harvest and product availability. If your desired item is currently out of stock, just hit the 'Notify Me When Available' button. You'll get an email as soon as it's back in stock!

With the rising demand for our products, we're continuously tracking inventory and restocking items. If something's out of stock, it's usually back within a few days, so do keep an eye out!

Yes, we currently use ShopPay which allows you to get some cow shares on a payment plan for as low as 0% interest.

Primarily Angus. We have a composite breeding program at our San Diego Ranch where we are working towards a cross between Angus, Corriente & Mashona with the goal of creating the optimal breed that’s resilient in Southern California climate, with a great yield for meat.

Our Montana and West Texas ranches are all Angus breeds.

Montana and West Texas both have summer growing grasses whereas San Diego has winter growing grasses.

Thus, having the herd in different locations with different grass seasons helps us be able to harvest throughout the year and limit supply shortages more.

One of the biggest challenges we have is the time it takes to build a sizable herd as well as develop the cows for harvesting. So diversifying our herd locations helps minimize that impact on the business.

Please visit our Partner Ranches page HERE for more information!



Frozen meat preserves the freshness of the meat and allows it to will you a long time.

This also enables us to provide the highest quality meat in a more affordable and cost effective way while helping us maintain inventory for a longer period of time.

Weekly or bi-weekly slaughter would require a “fresh” program and increase our operational cost. Eventually we hope to have a USDA complaint facility on site that will allow us to do this.

No, freezing does not impact the nutritional density of the beef

Some of the other beef providers at the markets provide fresh meat because they buy products from other ranchers every week. We are producing our own meat, so it is more cost effective to produce and freeze to maintain supply.

We do not grade our beef. Grading helps differentiate commodity beef that is very homogeneous. Grading grass fed/finished beef on the scale designed for conventional grain fed or finished beef would be like grading oranges on a scale for determining the quality of an apple.

Ultimately, grass fed/finish brands do not grade because the beef would not “grade” as choice or prime due to the leaner beef and lack of “marbling”

That being said our beef is exceptional without needing heavy marbling and bring a variety of nutritional benefits.

Shipping to a P.O. Box is not available. Please verify your correct shipping address. Any special instructions can be added to the comment section upon checkout. Once your order ships, we have no control over what occurs to your order during transit with FedEx, therefore, making sure your shipping address and delivery details are correct is highly important.

Here is the link to our Help Center where we have more information. If you still have questions, please reach out to us via the contact form in the help center and we will get back to you with all the answers you need.