Regenerative Farming

No Grain

Cows did not evolve to live on grain. Grain requires a completely different set of enzymes for digestion and a completely different digestive process to unlock the nutrients contained inside the grain.

No Chemicals

We don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on our pastures. Both pesticides and herbicides have been shown to kill soil life.

No Tillage

We do not till any of our land to plant crops or have improved pastures. Tillage destroys soil structure and oxidizes organic matter.

Individually graded beef

We work closely with our processors to individually select only the highest quality beef from the best animals. We are also working on our breeding program, introducing breeds like the Corriente and Mashona to create a custom animal that finishes well on grass and is adpated to the mediterranean climate.

Regenerative Grazing

We mimic nature with our grazing and move cows frequently from paddock to paddock, so we don’t over graze or over rest certain areas of the ranch. We try to graze at the highest densities possible for the shortest amount of time possible and allow for recoveries up to a year long.

Animal Welfare

We practice "Bud Williams" style low stress livestock handling techniques on the ranch. We don’t use cattle prods and we minimize yelling and quick movements which stress cows out. Our processing partner One World Beef in Brawley, CA has pens and infrastructure designed by Temple Grandin, the godmother of low stress livestock processing plants.