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Perennial Pastures Ranch

Regenerative Oak Firewood Bundles ($15 / bundle)

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We practice regenerative agroforestry at our ranches. We selectively harvest dead and dying trees to open up the canopy in our oak woodlands and savannas. When we open up the canopy, grass can germinate below the trees. Grass builds soil health below the trees and increases the nutrient cycling process. With healthier soil under our trees, we can save oaks from the golden spotted oak borer.

After the grass germinates under the oaks, we then graze our cattle in the woodlands to prevent ladder fires and canopy fires which burn so hot that they can decimate oak woodlands.

We tend to our forests and savannas and the byproduct is beautiful white oak wood. We sell our wood in cords. We can deliver directly to you in Southern California. Minimum 10 bundles. Please call 760-600-0248 for delivery pricing if you live outside of San Diego County.